Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing in Roseville, CA

Window washing

Top-notch visual clarity, and clean enough to eat off of from either side, should gravity suddenly shift enough to allow one to do so.

Power washing

Gives your brick, concrete or drainage paths brand new life, making them look like new

Roof maintenance

We’re not roofers, but we don’t have to be to identify and replace broken tiles, clean valleys, and fix things that just don’t make sense.

Rain gutter cleaning and repair

For us, rain gutter cleaning is a combination of roof maintenance and gutter cleaning. We look over your entire roof along with checking out the valleys. Most tile roofs have valleys, which must be cleaned periodically. For more information, check out my page on valley cleaning.

Tile roof valley clean

According to Insurance and Roofing companies, on average it takes 12 to 14 years before you get a roof leak. This is true if you don’t have your valleys cleaned. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your roof dramatically and save you thousands in the long run.

Landscape drain cleaning and repair

When it rains, your landscape drains route water away from your homes foundation, as well as draining your yard and gutters. Because these drains always have some amount of standing water in them, they become a tempting water source for thirsty trees and shrubs. These plants try to break into your drainage system for the water and the nutrients, sabotaging your drainage architecture and encouraging invasive roots to grow in exactly the directions they shouldn’t.

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