Window Washing

Residential maintenance cleaning

First, we broom the spider webs off around your windows. All exterior glass is cleaned with #00 fine steel wool. This steel wool does not scratch, it polishes. All exterior window frames are wiped down with a damp towel, removing oxidation from the paint. Then we do screen cleaning, hose off, soap up with a screen brush, and hose off and dry. Tracks are wiped clean with a damp towel. Finally, the window sills are cleaned too.

Initial clean

If your windows haven’t been cleaned in 5 or 20 years, we have to do an initial clean. This requires using razorblades to break through the semi hard water film, then we polish out the glass with steel wool. I would suggest we vacuum the tracks, steel wool the interior glass, and possibly wipe down the interior window frames. The screens must be laid down on a solid surface, then scrubbed on both sides, horizontally and diagonally with a screen brush at the end of an extension pole. We clean super dirty screens this way because it prevents the fabric and frames from damage like bending and warping, due to the high pressure needed for proper cleaning. If your screens don’t look new after this, they never will… I promise you, the results are fantastic!

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